Emergency Services

* Flood and Water Damage * Asbestos Abatement * Fire and Smoke Damage * Wind Damage * Infection Control

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Core Environmental Services

* Asbestos Abatement * Mould Remediation * Lead Abatement * Foam (UFFI) Insulation * Histoplasmosis * Biohazard Clean Up

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Environmental Response Team specializes in decontamination and environmental cleaning for buildings and facilities. Our hazmat teams are highly trained and skilled in the safe removal of asbestos, lead dust, lead paint, and hazardous coatings; heavy metal dust abatement; mould and fungus remediation (microbiological decontamination); and the removal of chemicals, PCBs and pharmaceutical and medical waste.
We are infection control experts and a primary service provider for many healthcare facilities throughout the province of Ontario. We were at the forefront of the successful battle to contain the spread of SARS in numerous hospitals in the GTA.

Our skilled workforce and cutting edge technologies ensure exceptional results. We adhere to the highest safety and professional standards in the industry, ensuring that ERT will bring every environmental project to a safe and satisfactory conclusion.

ERT has earned a solid reputation for discretion, service excellence and client satisfaction. We work hard to earn your confidence and trust.

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By Phone: (416) 255-6745  By E-mail: info@erthazmat.com  By Post: 2850 Lakeshore Blvd West, PO Box 80010, Etobicoke, ON M8V 4A1